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Sharon Air Mystery Knit-a-Long by Casapinka

Friday nights from 5 to 7 pm for 7 weeks. The MKAL officially starts on Friday, August 12th, when the first "clue" or pattern section drops, BUT Lambshoppe will be starting on August 5th with a Color Party. More on that below.

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry here, and sign up for the MKAL at Lambshoppe on this page.


Anybody and everybody! The pattern states that it is appropriate for intermediate beginners. Pretty sure that's just about everybody!

From Casapinka:

"Sharon Air is not just a knitting pattern; it is an experience with Sharon From Security (pictured at the left.) The ticket to board is $2 per week so if that airfare is worth it to you, please join us. If you’ve lost your knitting mojo (and it seems a lot of people have), this may just help you get it back! You will follow Sharon on her travels as our super hero cat sets out to bring to justice the scariest perp she has ever faced (she is in prep mode right now.) You will also enjoy our weekly surprises of recipes for different things and as usual, we ask you to trust us and not over-analyze it or try to get us to spill the beans.

Clue 1 drops on August 12, then every Friday at Sharon From Security O’Clock which is “When I feel like it” (you know catz.)

We will have 6 clues over 6 weeks…or maybe we’ll give you a week off in the middle.

This is a new shape of shawl for us and rather uncommon. It wraps nicely and can be made longer. It is suitable for the intermediate beginner. You have to just trust the cat.

There is some relaxing knitting and some pay attention knitting.

We will have kits ready to purchase online, in-store, or by phone on Friday, July 29th!
If these colors don't float your boat, you can also use any 4 colors of fingering weight yarn. They can even be different textures! 


Join Lambshoppe on Friday, August 5th from 5 to 7 pm for a Color Party before the MKAL starts. We will be picking out yarn, or picking up kits as the case may be, and we will be coloring in a schematic provided by Casapinka so we can plan what colors will be next to each other in the pattern! Come for some color fun!

Skill Level:
Materials Included:
Materials sold separately and must be purchased from Lambshoppe. Pattern available on Ravelry.
Instructor Name:

Sharon Air Mystery Knit-a-Long by Casapinka

Free with purchase of the yarn