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Lykke Driftwood Crochet Hook

Lykke Crochet Hooks are made with Birch hardwoods. These Crochet Hooks should last a lifetime while feeling smooth to the touch

Available Hook Sizes: US D-3 /3.25mm, US E-4 /3.5mm, US F-5 /3.75mm, US G-6 4mm, US 7 / 4.5mm, US H-8 / 5mm, US I-9 /5.5mm, US J-10 6mm,
                                   US K-10.5 /6.5mm, US K-10.75 / 7mm, US L-11 / 8mm, US M-13 / 9mm, US N-15 / 10mm, USP-16 / 11.5mm, US 17 / 12.75mm