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Baah Yarn Advent Kit

Don't let the kids have all the fun this holiday season.  This yarn advent calendar is the perfect grown-up gift.  Kit includes 24 surprise mini skeins of Baah, all hand dyed and made from 100% superwash merino wool (about 80 yards each).  Each mini skein is wrapped up individually in a fun holiday theme so you too can count down to the Holiday. 

But that's not all! 

The 24 colors have been carefully chosen to blend perfectly into 6 companion projects!  All 6 patterns are included in the kit for no additional cost.

But that's not all!
Free with the purchase of your kit, you will receive a VIP ticket to the LambShoppe Holiday Cast-on Parties Extravaganza.  All your favorite Christmas traditions wrapped up with a Cast-on/ project class covering the companion patterns.

December 2nd- Kick off party and Holiday Cookie Exchange.  Cast-on the first pattern with your first skeins, socialize with friends and bring your favorite holiday cookie to share.

December 9th- Tips and Tricks Party and Ugly Sweater Contest.  Get tips on the other patterns and learn any techniques you may need all while wearing the ugliest of sweaters.  There will be prizes!

December 16th- Helpful Hint Party and White Elephant.  Get help with anything you may be stuck on, cast-on your next few projects with your now 16 beautiful skeins of yarn.  Bring a small gift to participate in the white elephant exchange.  

December 30th- "It's over" Party.  You made it through the Holiday!  You did amazing work for your loved ones.  Now come to the wrap up party in you PJ's and BYOB, you deserve it!  It's time to relax and knit and celebrate with friends.  

Every year the kids get to soak up the joy and rake in the presents.  Well, this year it's the adults turn.  For just one price you get 24 beautiful hand dyed skeins of yarn, 6 companion patterns, and 4 classes with a side of Christmas party!  Talk about the perfect present.