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Black Canyon Gunnison NP Hat Kit

Knitting the National Parks by Nancy Bates has quickly become an iconic pattern book in the knitting world. And especially here in Colorado where we have 4 of the 63 pattern parks rights here in our backyard, including the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. This beautiful gem may be one of the lesser known national parks, but it contains some of the deepest, steepest, and most spectacular canyons and cliffs in the country. A perfect example of “art created by nature”, the famous Painted Wall, with its dark grey Precambrian cliffs striped with pinkish colored bands of pegmatite, stands nearly 1000 feet taller than the Empire State Building!

Our kit includes the yarn and pattern needed to knit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park hat. The beanie (worked in the round from the bottom up) features nature inspired semi-solid colors with just a hint of sparkle to represent the mica found in the pink layers.

The yarn we've chosen for Black Canyon of the Gunnison is Denim Revive from Rowan. This yarn is made from recycled denim and includes some tweedy flecks of color to mimic the rock walls of the canyon. Have fun with this one!