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Makes For Mom - Colorfield Hand Towels

These dish towels are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom.  The style is interesting yet elegant and will work well with anywhere from modern to classic decor.  Made with 7 skeins of Ella Rae Eco organic cotton (6 color A and 1 color B).  Eco Organic Cotton is 100% cotton yarn that knits into beautiful breathable fabric.  You'll love its smooth and cuddly texture, and it is machine washable so you can use it for all your baby items or heavy wear projects.  Kit includes enough yarn to make two matching towels.  

This kit is part of our Makes for Mom, mother's day kits.  Why buy your mom more flowers or another candle?  These quick and easy knits can be completed and gifted on Mother's Day to a mom who doesn't knit OR gift the kit for a delightful quick and fun project for the mom who does.  Either way you will have a handmade heirloom that will make everyone smile.