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Candyland is a new Bulky yarn from Trendsetter that is a colorful soft yarn that is made from a blend Extra-fine wool and Nylon/Polyamide.

 (7 wpi)
Yardage: 137 yards (125 meters)
Unit weight: 50 grams (1.76 ounces)
Gauge: 14.0 to 18.0 sts = 4 inches
Needle size: US 7 - 10 or 4.5 - 6mm
Hook size: 4.5mm - 6mm (J)
Fibers: 80% Extrafine Wool
            20% Manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide
Texture: singles
Attributes: Color: Gradient
                  Dye: Machine dyed
                  Ply: Single ply

Patterns using this yarn are available at Trendsetter Candyland Patterns