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Mesa Verde NP Hat Kit

Let's Knit another National Park hat from Colorado! This one is Mesa Verde, a World Heritage Site that celebrates the rich history of the Ancestral Pueblo people who lived on the mesa and in cliff dwelling for over 700 years. The Mesa Verde hat was designed by Nancy Bates and published in her book, Knitting the National Parks. This fun-to-knit
beanie gets its inspiration not from the cliff dwellings themselves, but from the elaborately decorated black-on-white pottery left behind by the people who lived there.

In this kit we have included the pattern, yarn to knit this one-of-a-kind hat in stranded colorwork and a little, leather label so everyone will know how to identify your beanie. Yarn is from local dyer Theodora's Pearls and is hand dyed 100% Superwash Merino wool, 4 ply Worsted Weight.